​What is vane sweep and why is it used?

Posted by ID Speed Shop on 2023 Oct 24th

​What is vane sweep and why is it used?

Vane sweep in the Ford 6.0L was developed to help with the turbo stiction.   Some signs of your vanes sticking is lack of power, delayed/erratic shifts, excessive popping through intake, black/white smoke. It acts like a turbo failure, which it kind of is, but in this case the only thing that fails is the vanes stick due to corrosion. Ford updated turbo design and as a last resort, applied the vane sweep strategy.

The PCM commands the variable geometry turbo actuator duty cycle from 15% to 85% in a step

pattern to help the turbo vanes achieve full movement. 

Vane sweep occurs when the following conditions are present: 

-The vehicle is stopped. 

-The EGR is commanded off. The engine speed is less than 1,160 RPM. 

-The engine oil temperature is greater than a calibrated value. 

-Vane sweep repeats approximately every hour if the previous conditions still exist. 

-Vane sweep may occur during scan tool commanded test functions.

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