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Ford Powerstroke Cold start, no start, and various other weather related issues.
In this blog, we'll go over common cold weather related issues related to the Ford Powerstroke 6.0L and the HEUI fuel system. There's quite a few issues that could cause a 6.0L not to cold start.   Diagnosing with and without tools are both challenging.  For an end user without electronic tools, like the Ford IDS, you will have to diagnose by physical cond …
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We were excited to see the Turn14 Bronco at SEMA!  Here's a list of parts, so you can build your ride...ID Style!
Accessorizing your new 2021 Ford Bronco won't be an issue, manufacturers have flocked to the new platform.  ID Speed Shop carries all the major brands, which are installed and tested by us, our wholesalers, and of course our manufacturers.  A perfect example is this 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands built by Turn14 Distribution for the 2021 SEMA show.  If …
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Hellcat Supercharger Belt confusing. Which belt do I use?

Posted by ID Speed Shop on 2021 Nov 10th

Hellcat Supercharger Belt confusing.  Which belt do I use?
We receive quite a few emails and messages requesting Supercharger belt sizing on their Hellcat vehicle.  We always recommend one of our belt tensioners, which helps with belt stretch or if you tend to swap pulley's here and there.    Below are some recommended belts for each upper/lower pulley configuration.  It's still a work in progress, so check b …
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