Flashing your Ford 6.0L Powerstroke FICM with HP Tuners

Posted by ID Speed Shop on 2024 May 9th

Flashing your Ford 6.0L Powerstroke FICM with HP Tuners

1.  Most importantly, REMOVE THE FICM CONTROL RELAY. We will not be responsible for an injector failure due to not removing the FICM Control Relay during a reflash!

Please check your vehicle’s instruction manual for the proper location of the FICM

Control Relay. This is located under the hood in the Relay Panel (located by the driver’s

side hood hinge). 

On 2003-2004 trucks, the relay box is small and contains 2 relays. The FICM Control

Relay is the one closest to the engine. 

On 2005+ trucks, the relay box is large and contains several relays and fuses. The

FICM Control Relay is the one that is closest to the engine and radiator (forward-right

position). The relay is nearly always GRAY in color. 

After removal, you can verify that the correct relay has been removed by listening for

the injector buzz when turning the key to the ON position. You SHOULD NOT hear the

injectors buzz! When turning the key ON.   Failure to remove the FICM relay will often

result in the failure of the Number 1 injector.

2003-2004 FICM Relay

2005-2007 FICM Relay

How to read your stock file with HPT MPVI2/RTD

After you hook your device up to the vehicle, it will power on.

  • If you have an MPVI2 or MPVI3, please download vcm suite:
  • If you have an RTD Device, please download RTD software:  RTD Download
  • After you have downloaded and installed the vcm suite. Open vcm editor
  • Once the program is open and you are connected to the vehicle. Select help and resycn interface. This will sync the interface with the software.

  • Next Select the Green chip (under help tab) and select the modules you wish to read. If both ECM & TCM are available you’ll need to make sure both are selected.

  • Once you have read the file, it will prompt you to save the file. Please save it as following, last name year model. Example Smith2018MustangGT

How to load tunes to your HPT MPVI2/RTD

  • After we have sent back the tune file to you. Open the vcm editor and select file open and select the tune file.
  • Next to where the Green chip was will now be a Red Chip. Select the Red chip to start the flash process.

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