What is your vehicle strategy and why it's important.

Posted by ID Speed Shop on 2024 Mar 1st

What is your vehicle strategy and why it's important.

Reading your strategy with SCT:

Getting your strategy info with HP Tuners:

Ford, like many other automakers, may change the part number for the

strategy computer (ECM/PCM) in their Power Stroke trucks for several


Technology Updates: As technology advances, Ford may introduce

updated versions of the strategy computer to incorporate new

features, improve performance, or address known issues. These

updates may require changes to the hardware or software of the

ECM/PCM, necessitating a new part number.

Regulatory Compliance: Changes in emissions regulations or other

regulatory requirements may prompt Ford to update the strategy

computer to ensure compliance. New hardware or software revisions

may be necessary to meet updated emissions standards or other

regulatory mandates.

*We always use the latest strategy from Ford for your vehicle if it's

available.  If not, we at least use your current vehicle strategy.  This

ensures compliance, as well as all the latest updates from the


Quality Improvements: If Ford identifies reliability or durability issues

with the existing strategy computer, they may introduce design

changes to improve quality. These changes could involve updates to

components, manufacturing processes, or software algorithms,

resulting in a new part number.

Supplier Changes: Ford's strategy computers are often supplied by

external vendors. If Ford switches suppliers or modifies the sourcing

arrangement for these components, it may result in changes to the

part number, even if the underlying technology remains largely


Model Year Updates: With each new model year, automakers

typically make various updates and revisions to their vehicles,

including the engine control systems. Changes to the strategy

computer may be part of broader updates or refreshes to the vehicle


Serviceability: In some cases, Ford may revise the strategy computer

to improve serviceability or compatibility with diagnostic tools and

service equipment. This could involve changes to the physical

connectors, communication protocols, or diagnostic software


Product Differentiation: Ford may introduce different versions of the

strategy computer to support variations in engine configurations, trim

levels, or optional features across their Power Stroke truck lineup.

These variations may necessitate unique part numbers to differentiate

between them.

Overall, changes to the part number for the strategy computer in Ford

Power Stroke trucks can stem from a variety of factors, including

technological advancements, regulatory requirements, quality

improvements, supply chain considerations, model year updates,

serviceability concerns, and product differentiation strategies.

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