What's the difference between a Canned Tune and a Custom Tune?

Posted by ID Speed Shop on 2024 Jan 8th

What's the difference between a Canned Tune and a Custom Tune?

The question of canned tuning vs custom tuning is brought up a lot, we receive messages, emails, and calls about it frequently. It's a good question and can be complex, depending on how it's interpreted. Let's go over the basics and then dig in a little deeper. 

A canned tune is a "pre-made" tune that is a well rounded calibration

which covers most of the requirements that the consumer is interested in,

for that particular platform. It's also an excellent base to build a custom

tune from. It'll cover the basic requirements like response, power, and


To begin building a canned tune, the calibrator will usually baseline the

vehicle stock. In most cases, the speed limiter will be the only parameter

adjusted, so it can be dyno'd in a higher gear and a direct comparison to

the final revision. The vehicle will be tested with minor changes related to

different aspects of the ecu, over and over again, until finally all the minor

changes are compiled into one tune. The final version will have all of the

changes related to the type of vehicle (boost, fueling, timing, torque,

limiters, etc.) to compare with the stock calibration power curve. 

Once the calibrator is satisfied with calibration, it'll be dialed back slightly

for safety and emissions compliance. 

The end goal of a canned tune is to be able to work with any vehicle of

that type and cover the most the most common bolt on modifications. The

calibration must work with the fuel type it's designed for, built in safety if

the wrong fuel type is used(to a certain extent), varying environments

both temperature and altitude, as well as different styles of driving.


Canned tunes are usually the cheapest option because they

never change and are not customized specifically to your preference or

options. Due to these reasons, there's always power left on the table,

while still remaining compliant. 

Some calibrators will offer a power package, power levels, or specifically

designed calibrations for applications which includes specific

performance parts, octane fuel, or tasks like towing or sport driving. 

A custom tune on the other hand, can be setup to handle just about

anything and generally provides more power than a canned tune does. 

A custom tune or calibration, starts off as a base canned tune and works

through the process of street tuning, dyno tuning, or both. This can be

done remotely also, with datalogging software. The calibrator will adjust

the tune for your specific needs and style of driving, without negatively

impacting the final results or compliancy. Custom tunes allow the

calibrator to extract all of the performance, response, and drivability,

while keeping the end users personal preferences in mind. Personal

preferences are adjustments like response, shift firmness, and general

feel of the calibration.

ID Speed Shop offer's both canned and custom tunes, with the ability to

upgrade later.  It's the best of both worlds!

Give us a call or message if you have any questions, we'd love to discuss

the options with you.

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