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Using your Edge Insight CTS3 for Datalogging and Monitoring.

Posted by ID Speed Shop on 2023 Oct 20th

Using your Edge Insight CTS3 for Datalogging and Monitoring.

The Edge Insight CTS3 isn't a programmer, it won't flash your vehicle.  What it will do, is give you

a powerful monitor for viewing important parameters, as well as a datalogger to review those

parameters later.  With the high speed of the OBD2 port and the host of parameters available, the

CTS3 is an amazing gauge setup.

The Insight CTS3 offers a huge, touchscreen display where you can display a ton of different

parameters simultaneously. You can pick the individual parameters you want to monitor. You can

even pick how and where they’re displayed.

If you need to run a data log for whatever reason, the CTS3 has the ability to record all of the

OBDII data available from the ECM and display it through the EDGE DataViewer software on your

computer. Whether you are trying to solve a problem or work out the kinks in a tune, the data

logging capabilities of the CTS3 greatly simplify the process, as you don’t have to lug a laptop

around. Simply open the data log screen and hit record. If you run into a problem and you want to

see where it coming from while you are on the road, you can do it without hesitation.

Edge Insight CTS3

Edge Insight CTS3 Installation Instructions

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